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Research Center

On 25th August 2012 our college was recognized as Research Centre for PhD in Commerce by Rani Channamma University Belagavi. Gogte College of Commerce is the first College to be recognized as Research Centre for PhD in Commerce by RCU. Dr H. H.Veerapur, Principal has guided Research scholars in completing their M. Phil program.

Six Research guides from reputed colleges other than GCC are attached to our Research Centre. In all the Research Centre has EIGHT Guides. Namely

  • Dr H. H.Veerapur Principal, KLS Gogte College of Commerce, Belagavi.
  • Dr S. G. Kulkarni, Guide, Research Center.
  • Dr (Smt) Shailaja.S.Aralelimath, Associate Professor, S.S.S. Samiti’s Mahaveer P. Mirji College of Commerce, Belagavi.
  • Dr Y.G.Baligatti Professor, KRCE Bailhongal
  • Dr Sadashiv.O.Halasgi, Professor, Shivanand College Kagwad.
  • Dr R.M.Patil, Professor, GPPorwal College Sindgi.
  • Dr Siddappa.O.Halasgi, Professor, Constituent College of RCU, Belagavi

Activities conducted by the Research centre are as follows:-

  • Faculty Development Program (FDP) on research methodology in social sciences is conducted under CPE grants in2015 & 2016
  • Workshops on research Methodology are organized frequently by CLBC for our staff members
  • Workshops on Questionnaire Designing and Report Writing
  • Programs for guiding the teachers on MRPs
  • Program on Writing Research articles in Reputed and Refereed Journals.
  • Two days workshop on Research methodology in Association with CMDR, Dharwad.
  • Three days workshop on feel teacher and feel administrator by CLHRD Mangaluru.