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Elevate 2k18 is an in-house event which reflects a sense of unity, hard work, knowledge, innovation, team spirit, determination and ability to achieve as a team. It helps the students to enhance their skills and improve their knowledge. The idea of putting the foundation of the event was an inspiration which was planted by students of batch 2017-18. Elevate 2k18 is a two-day In-house event conducted by the KLS Gogte College Of Commerce, M. Com Department001_9039

Day One – 9th October 2018

Inauguration Function

Elevate 2k18because only you can was inaugurated by our Principal Dr. H.H.Veerapur, Dr. H.N.Tamhankar M.Com Co-ordinator, Prof. S.V Javalakar, Prof. Neha. Jamnani on Tuesday 9th October 2018 at K.K Venugopal Auditorium Hall at 10 am. Miss. Vijeta V Shet Ladies representative Welcomed the Gathering. Dr. HArshal Tamhankar Co-ordinator M.Com gave gist about the event Elevate 20K8, Miss. Kalyani Salunkhe Cultural Secretary introfuced our Principal Dr. H.h. Veerapur. The event was much appreciated by our principal Dr. H.H.Veerapur considering the encouragement and motivation of students to grow and learn better. Mr. Raghavendra Adhyapak Genearal Secretary proposed vote of Thanks. The Elevat 2018had following activities.


To begin with, the first event of Elevate 2k18 was MARKET MAYHEM, (marketing event). Students were divided into 10 teams, each team consisting of 13 to 14 members. Each team was given 10 packets of paper plates to sell with fixed MRP. The maximum price was Rs. 60 and minimum price was Rs. 55. No team was allowed to sell the packets above the price quoted. The total time allotted to complete the task was 45 minutes. Each team were allotted with 2 volunteers.

All the teams in total sold 200 packets of paper plates within the time allotted. The main objective of this event was marketing the products using your skills, strategies and ability to sell as a team and implementing the ethics in marketing.


The second event for the day was BATTLE OF BRAINS (Quiz). For this event 2 members from each team had to participate. The first round of quiz was a written test where all 10 teams had to participate. After the first round 4 teams were eliminated based on the results of the written test. Six teams were qualified for the further rounds which were based on Commerce Gk, Identification of logo, aptitude, Audio quiz and Rapid fire. The main objective of this event was to test the mental ability and knowledge of the students.


Last event for the day was FOLK DANCE. For this event 8 members from each team had to participate. All the teams performed various forms of folk dance like, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Bengali, Goan, Gondhal, Kodava, Karnataka Janapada etc which are popular across the country with traditional outfits and props. Through this event the cultural diversity and rich traditional pattern of India was truly reflected through variety of Indian Folk dances. This event was judged by Prof. Ashwini. Naik (Department of Commerce) G.C.C.

Day- Two 10th October


The first event of day-2 of Elevate 2k18 was GROUP EVENT. For this event 10 members from each team had to participate. Group event involved multiple tasks like skipping, lemon and spoon, water bowl race, banana relay, Word puzzle, Ring game which was to be performed by the team and time was recorded based on completion of all the tasks. The main objective of this event was to focus on time, co-ordination, and team spirit.


The last event of the day was AD MANIA (Ad-to-mad). For this event the entire team had to participate and advertise an innovative product beneficial for the society. Eco-friendly bags, solar car, Help desk, Shoes, Camera etc were the products selected by the teams and advertised in a unique manner. The main objective of this event was to bring about the innovation and strategies to advertise the products/services to the society. This event was judged by Prof. Rahul. Kamule. (BBA Department) G.C.C.

Valedictory Function

The most awaited and excited moment of the evening was the launch of the GENERAL CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY which was done by all the volunteers of the event and the trophy was unveiled by Dr. H.N.Tamhankar M.Com Co-ordinator along with staff members. The General Championship Trophy of ELEVATE 2K18 was bagged by team KINGS LANDING.

This Event was very effectively and Efficiently organised by the Volunteers.

ELEVATE 2K18…because only you can, could not be possible without the support of the Management, KLS Gogte College of Commerce. We heartily thank the Management, Principal Dr. H.H.Veerapur for their support. Special thanks to M.Com Co-ordinator Dr. H.N.Tamhankar , Prof. S.V.Jawalkar, Prof. Neha. Jamnani, other teaching and non-teaching staff for their constant support and guidance throughout the event.