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Rules & Regulations

Every student should adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  1. Issuance of Prospectus and Admission form does not necessarily mean granting of admission.
  2. The Division and Roll Numbers are allotted at the time of admission. No change of division and optional subjects is permitted afterwards.
  3. Fees once paid shall not be refunded. All fees are forfeited after cancellation of admission.
  4. The Principal reserves the right to reject any admission, if the candidates behavior is found to be objectionable or against UGC guidelines.
  5. Additional fees will be levied for any new course/training conducted in addition to the UG/PG course. If the attendance of any students is less than 75% of the periods conducted in each subject, for each term he/she will not be permitted to appear for the internal tests and University examinations. Monthly attendance will be notified through website for the students and parents. and for further action. Regular attendance will help the students in improving their Performance. A unique attempt is made to bring transparency in the attendance system; “e-attendance” is introduced. SMS is sent to the parents & students about attendance and IA Marks.
  6. The student should follow the prescribed dress code of the college.
  7. No student is allowed to stand or loiter on the verandah of the campus of the college during lecture hours. No one is allowed to sit in or go to a division other than what is allocated to him.
  8. Students are forbidden from writing, disfiguring or making mark on wall, desks, furniture and other property of the college.
  9. No student shall misbehave or ill-treat parents, teachers, employees and other students either inside or outside the college.
  10. No student is allowed to possess Mobile, consume Ghutka, Pan, Chewing Gum, Alcoholic Drinks or any other intoxicants. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  11. No student is allowed to communicate any information or write any matter about college to the press or any media like face book, twitter etc., without the prior permission of the Principal.
  12. NO student is allowed to be a member of any organization, the objects of which are prejudicial to the national interest, sovereignty integrity of India or public order or morality.
  13. The Class Representatives will be nominated i.e. one boy and one girl for each class. The student’s council is formed with representatives from CRs for smooth conduct of various activities.
  14. The Principal reserves the right to permit/reject to conduct any function by the students. Weeklong celebration of student activities is not permitted by the college. The students are not allowed to conduct any such function inside/outside the college on their own. the parents are requested to take note of the same and not to encourage such activities outside the college.
  15. As per Section 116 of Karnataka Education Act, 1983, ragging of students is a punishable offence. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college, hostels and all other places.
  16. If there is hike in fees by the authorities, it shall be the responsibility of the students to pay.
  17. In all matters the decision of the Principal is final and binding.
  18. The Principal reserves the right to reject his/her admission, rusticate if the candidate’s behavior is found to be objectionable.
  19. Dress Code: Every student must follow the college dress code strictly. T-Shirt with prints and writings, Jeans is not permitted in the campus. The girl students are not allowed inside the campus with T-Shirt, western tops, Jeans etc.